I participated in an "Empty Chair" healing session with Eidit. It  was one of the most profound and real experiences of my life. Growing up I suppressed a lot of emotions from my childhood trauma and never really faced them or accepted the fact that they had an impact on my life. I faced my fears and dealt with the issue head on. Eidit was amazing and her way of connecting with people is surreal. She was able to guide me through the session (which was very emotional) with no hesitation and with respect to my boundaries. We had an hour long "Empty Chair" session and it was the beginning of my healing process and letting go. The "Empty Chair" session was me facing an empty chair (literally) and facing the person who causes me the trauma. She guided me the entire way and could feel her love and energy the entire time. It was very emotion, powerful and healing for me. She connected with me on another level and could feel the love she had for what she was doing and for my pain. I definitely recommend her workshops and practices to anyone who is looking for healing or even just someone to talk to. She is amazing! 


I feel the utmost gratitude & appreciation for my work with Eidit. She walks with such grace, compassion, and a zest for life that is unparalleled. Her natural power to connect with others, while remaining transparent in her own humanity inspired me to delve deeper into my own healing. She has helped me to become more vulnerable, authentic, and to TRUST & follow my heart's path. It is through my work with Eidit that I am also able to honor my pain. She never said that it would be easy, but always assured me of my worth and ultimate healing. I have grown tremendously in both my personal & professional lives. My depression no longer cripples me and I no longer judge myself. I accept all that I am and welcome all that the Universe is doing for me. Today, I marvel in a fuller life with deeper connections with loved ones, appreciation for each moment, and a total acceptance of life.  

-Nicole C. Jackson   

Eidit was my very first manager as a young professional who had just graduated and was entering the field of social work, working specifically with supporting youth and families in crisis who were involved in the foster care and juvenile justice systems. Not only was she the best and most supportive manager I've had to date, she supported me in my own emotional growth, learning and understanding. She motivated me towards my professional and personal goals by looking at every scope of a challenging situation and coached me towards creating a best-case scenario, building my skills as a mental health support counselor in doing so. Eidit is one of the most compassionate people I've ever been lucky enough to meet, and that compassion and care comes across in every interaction she has. She was beyond thoughtful when I came to her with situations that I needed to process, helped me develop my own coping skills, and modeled every day that I worked with her unconditional care, love of life, and love of self and others. Her positivity, radiance, and deep sense of empathy towards every person in her life is truly remarkable, and I count myself incredibly lucky to have worked with her and know her. She is a someone that I look up to in every way, and am so proud that she is embarking on this new and exciting journey. 

-Kelsey Baldwin