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Are you feeling overwhelmed? Disconnected? Stressed?  Lost? 

I am a licensed therapist and life coach with 13 years experience in the mental health field. I have worked with couples and individuals during the most difficult times in their life. As your personal guide, I am honored and excited to join you in your path towards healing and change. 

I am all things personal development, growth, healing, shedding, letting-go and mental wellness.

My work with you is to provide you with the knowledge and strategies to create lasting results! By focusing on the present and looking ahead to your future you will take steps on your new path towards personal freedom.

If you are a business or company struggling with employee retention or job satisfaction, team morale, or leadership issues, I can help you too. I create personalized trainings and offer consultation services to help increase employee wellbeing + satisfaction. Topics include stress management, team building, mental health + wellness. 

The journey to change can feel scary and you may feel alone in it, but you do not have to be. The first step to any change is to decide you want it and the second is to take action.


Take Action!

Contact me today to get started. Schedule your FREE 15 minute phone consultations with me today! 



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