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Are YOU feeling overwhelmed? Disconnected? Stressed?  Lost? 

I feel you! I been there TOO!!! I got you, KEEP reading...

There was a time in my life when I felt sad more days than not. I felt like I had NO control over my thoughts + they would snowball to the worst case scenario. I felt overwhelmed by my to-do list + felt paralyzed to change anything! 

I had goals I wanted to achieve, BUT time after time, I could NOT for the life of me seem to accomplish them. Do you relate? 

If you said yes, or better yet, OMG YESSSSS Eidit, all of that, I AM there right NOW...

 Look NO further, I am here to help! 



If YOU are eager to live a better life moving forward + READY to face your pain AND take action towards change, THAN I AM YOUR COACH!!! I will help you uncover what is underneath all that pain you carry in your day-to-day. I will make a personalized plan with you to HEAL + SHIFT! 

I AM all things personal development, growth, healing, shedding, letting-go and mental wellness...

I am a licensed therapist with 13 years experience in the mental health field. I love working as a coach so I can really join you in your path with a hands on approach. 

My work with you it to provide you with the knowledge and strategies to create lasting results! By focusing on the present and looking ahead to your future you will take steps on YOUR NEW PATH TO PERSONAL FREEDOM. 

ALSO, are you a business or company struggling with employee retention or job satisfaction, team morale, leadership issues? 

 I help companies + managers increase employee wellbeing + satisfaction. Topics include stress management, team building, mental health + wellness. I offer TRAININGS + CONSULTATION SERVICES.

The journey to change can feel scary and you may feel alone in it, but you do NOT have to be.

The 1st step to any change is to decide you WANT IT and the 2nd is to TAKE ACTION...

This IS your action step in the right direction to seek a trained professional to guide and support you along your path towards HEALING + TRANSFORMATION so you live your best life NOW and not a second later. Enough is enough girlfriend, you deserve it.


Take Action!

Contact me today to get started... 



Send smoke signals. 

Just do something, don't stay in your pain.



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